5 ways to travel while being a student and without spending your student loan on tickets and hotels

We have all been there-after exams or the submission of a big project-all we can dream of is the sea and the sun (and a few delicious cocktails). While there's nothing more exciting than visiting an exotic destination there is always something to hold us back, money money money.


Why you should travel to Greece this summer!

Ah, Greece, the land of sunlight, ouzo and blue skies. Wish I could visit right now!


Caprera: Artisan Food Market Review // A delicious Lunch Break

 Vanilla and spicy flavours all packed in a box...


Hotter Shoes Bloggers Event Aberdeen

When I received an invitation about the Hotter shoes exclusive blogger's event in Aberdeen I thought there's nothing there for me....
...little did I know how wrong I was!


Mum's visit to Edinburgh

Last weekend mum decided to take the plunge and come visit me in Edinburgh...


Chocolate peanut butter protein pancakes recipe

A few years ago if someone told me that pancakes could be a healthy food option I wouldn't believe a word! To me pancakes used to be a comfort food loaded with Nutella, ice-cream and strawberries...


FatFace Collaboration #Washedinhappiness

Do you ever wear the same piece of clothing for more than two seasons?
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